Covid-19 Re-Entry

Updates and Re-Entry Guidelines for Glad Tidings Church

All information on this page is current as of June 6, 2021. As changes occur, this page will be updated to reflect the latest information.





1.    Attendance will be on a “first come, first serve” basis. Once capacity is reached, no others will be admitted. Capacity will be determined by a percentage of room capacity listed on the sign posted in the Fellowship Hall in combination with: 1) the dynamics of the individuals and families in attendance; 2) what is happening in NYS and Monroe County regarding Covid trends; and 3) what is deemed safe and prudent by the GT Church Council for the common good of all – workers and children alike. For the purposes of this stage of the re-entry plan, it is 25 total people. 

2.    As with adult attendance, it is recommended that any child exhibiting cold or flu symptoms, or is not well, has tested positive for Covid or has been exposed to Covid are expected to remain home

3.    For the best show of love for other families at Glad Tidings Church: 

  • Parents should not assume other parents are comfortable with what you are comfortable (i.e., shaking hands, hugging, close-proximity, doffing masks, children playing together, etc.). Everyone in attendance should respect other attendees’ boundaries (physical, conscience, parenting, etc.). 
  • Parents who are uncomfortable with something should, in love, speak up. We should not assume others “know” what our parenting boundaries are. Also, parents should not put the burden to communicate their boundaries upon their children. As parents, we need to be the ones communicating our boundaries. 
  • If a parent does “speak up”, others need to respect the parent’s personal comfort level and boundaries with the utmost love and grace, not thinking less of anyone. 

4.    As a rule of thumb, children should not play with children of other households while in the church building. If parents of both sets of children are okay with their children playing with one another, they may do so outside of the building after service once they are under the supervision of the parents. 


1.    Check-in (and dismissal) will be conducted by the CMLT in accordance with current CSAT requirements, further: 

  • Children are required to wear a mask covering both the nose and mouth. CMLT is responsible to ensure that all children are wearing masks upon check-in. (see III. MASKS). 

2.    KidZone child check-in begins 10:10 AM (20 minutes before start time).

3.    Regarding coats and cold weather gear… all cold weather gear will: 1) either be kept with the child (in their personal space in KidZone); or 2) parents will take the gear with them in the sanctuary. 


1.     Masks are mandatory except when children are physically, medically, or emotionally unable to wear them. If a child is unable to wear a mask, a guardian will be required to accompany the child the entire time in KidZone. This guardian is to ensure the child maintains a 12’ minimum from all other people in the room. The guardian is required to wear a mask. 

  • Masks need to be properly worn, fully covering both nose and mouth. Masks may be removed while children are seated during snack time. Attendees and volunteers need to bring their own masks; however, church provided masks will be on-hand if a child needs a replacement. 
  • Parents are welcome to accompany their children in KidZone providing they follow all protocols in place. 
  • Weather permitting, activities are permitted to move out of doors where masks may be removed, while adhering to distancing guidelines for non-household attendees, and provided ministry leaders are able to maintain a safe area out of doors in which to oversee and facilitate outdoor activities. 
  • Fully vaccinated adults (ministry workers) are not required to wear masks, but are encouraged to do so to model behavior for children who are not vaccinated. 


1.    Safety precautions will be taken in accordance with already established church guidelines. 

  • All Leaders, workers and children will wear masks, unless seated and during seated snack-time.  
  • Social distancing of 6 feet apart is to be maintained unless the teacher or child is unmasked. If unmasked, then 12 feet distance is to be maintained. 
  • Hand sanitizer is required before entering, and periodically throughout ministry time as deemed prudent by the KidZone ministry workers. 
  • Sneeze Stations will be around the room at kid level. These stations will include tissues, hand sanitizer (pumps or wall units), gloves, garbage cans for disposal. It is strongly suggested parents send their children with their own tissues. 
  • A First Aid Kit will be available 

2.    At this stage, we will accommodate up to 25 people in the room, while maintaining 6 feet distancing guidelines. This includes adults, leaders, workers, and children. 

3.     Seating 

  • To maximize safe-distancing and efficient square footage usage, KidZone workers will direct children to their seats/places as they arrive. 
  • Siblings may sit together. Children from separate households will be seated at least 6 feet apart from each other. 



1.    Children will remain in their “space” unless they need to use the restroom. 

2.    Contact games and activities/crafts are permissible provided:  

  • Children, not of the same household, remain masked and distanced from one another. 
  • Craft or game materials are distributed by fully vaccinated and gloved ministry workers. 

3. Snacks may be served to children who must remain seated and are distanced from one another (non-household). Snacks must be pre-packaged (nothing home-made). Masks may be removed during snack-time.   

4. All non-vaccinated CMT workers are required to wear masks, except for the main teacher of each programming segment providing they maintain a hard-fast 12’ distance from all other workers and children. Areas of 12’ distance will be clearly marked for workers. Masks are optional, although recommended for all CMT workers who are fully vaccinated.  

5.    If puppets are used: 

  • Typically, there will only be one puppeteer per week. 
  • Puppeteers will wash or sanitize hands before and after puppet use, wear a long glove, and wear a mask during puppeteering 
  • After use, puppets will be sanitized using Lysol Spray and given the week to sit. 
  • Puppets will be assigned to specific puppeteers. 
  • If multiple puppets are used in a given week, puppeteers will operate at least six feet apart, masked, and separated by a barrier. It is incumbent upon the KidZone Leadership to make sure this protocol is followed. 



1.    We will use the restroom located in the nursery for all children regardless of age or size. 

2.    Rest Room Usage: 

  • A CSAT vetted, adult female will escort children to the Nursery restroom. The assistant stands by the nursery door / hallway while the child uses the restroom. In the event the child needs assistance, the “assistance” needs to be done in plain sight, just outside the door of the nursery restroom. 
  • Child must sanitize their hands before and after using restroom 
  • Rest room surfaces will be disinfected between use. The KidZone worker who is overseeing that group of rest-rooming kids will: 
  • Wear rubber gloves 
  • Wipe toilet handle and faucet handles after each child using sanitizing wipes 
  • Wipe down toilet seat using EcoLab Sanitizer cleaner and paper towels after each child 
  • Spray bathroom with Lysol Disinfectant when all children in that rest-rooming group are finished. 
  • Workers are to wash hands after cleaning is completed before leaving the nursery.  
  • If more than one child is taken to the restroom at a time, they must maintain 6 feet distance apart. They can sit on the carpeted floor of the nursery. Sitting on chairs is discouraged seeing it only creates another item to sanitize. 

3. Ample soap, paper towels and cleaning supplies will be kept easily accessible near the nursery restroom. These supplies will be replaced as needed by KidZone workers during after-service clean up. 



1.    At the start of the final worship song of the Sunday service, a Hospitality Team member will notify KidZone service is ending. 

2.    Once alerted, KIDZONE ministry leaders will have about 2-3 minutes to wrap-up.  

3.    Child pickup must be recorded by CMT via the computer Kiosk per CSAT guidelines, or by following the manual check-in/check-out process, releasing children only to his/her parent or guardian. 

4.    Children will remain “in their floor space” until a parent/guardian comes to receive them. 



1. KidZone volunteers will stay until cleanup is complete. Volunteers should give advance notice for commitments which necessitate them leaving early. 

2. Child-friendly signage regarding safe practices will be posted around the room (i.e., social distancing, kids with masks, no contact greeting, etc.) 


3. The sanitation procedures used by the general church be used by KidZone (i.e., sanitizing all the hard surfaces, microphones, puppets, all that has been used, including the nursery and nursery restroom). 

4.    Cleaning supplies will be stationed nearby to facilitate efficient sanitation:  

  • Rubber gloves, sanitizing wipes, EcoLab bathroom sanitizer, paper towels, and Lysol will be in the nursery 
  • Rubber gloves, sanitizing wipes, and sanitizing spray will be located at the kitchen/fellowship hall pass-through window 



1. Vulnerable individuals with health risks, or who have tested positive for Covid or have been exposed to Covid within the past 14 days, or those who are not feeling well (cold, flu, etc.) or those who are opposed to, or are not comfortable attending indoor public gatherings should not attend in person, and are invited to watch the service live on our Facebook page. Church service may also be viewed later in the week when it is posted on our YouTube Channel.

2. To mitigate the unnecessary spread of Covid-19, our goal is to have a touch-less service as best as we can. When communion is served, individual prepackaged elements will be made available to the congregation. First-time attender cards will be made available in the seat pockets within the sanctuary.

3. MASKS: In accordance with the most recent NYS and CDC guidelines, the wearing of masks is optional for those who are fully vaccinated. All others are expected to wear masks fully covering their nose and mouth, until seated and not engaged in singing.  When standing or when engaged is singing/talking, those who are not fully vaccinated are expected to wear masks fully covering both the nose and mouth.


4. DISTANCING: Glad Tidings Church will continue to create an environment where social distancing (6 ft) is both encouraged and made possible via signage, seating and spacing. As we are able, overflow seating, if required, will be made available in the vestibule and the Community room.

5. Our Main Greeter will stationed be at the main entry door granting people access to the building as space is available, welcoming attendees, answering questions and providing guidance. The Main Greeter will also be stationed within the Community Room to provide guidance, answer questions, provide instruction for the return of translation equipment, and to collect first-time attender information.

6. A Sanctuary Usher will direct people to their seats as they arrive, and will be posted at the courtyard door at the close of service to help direct individuals who wish to leave using this exit path. Here, translation equipment may be returned and first-time attender information may be left.

7. Restrooms will be accessible during services. Drinking fountain will be unavailable and covered.

8. Prayer Ministry is available during pre-service, during worship, and post service, but not during the ministry of the Word.

9. Informational reminder signs regarding our policies will be posted throughout the property.


10.  A touch-free donation station is mounted on the wall in the rear foyer of the sanctuary (center aisle) to receive tithes and offerings. There is another at the sanctuary exit door leading to the outer courtyard. (We will not pass collection plates.) In addition, people are encouraged to give online.

11. Glad Tidings Church provides translation ministry for those whose primary language is Spanish. People are to bring their own ear buds/headphones with 1/8-inch jack. Attendees using translation devices (transmitters) should leave in the basket by the exit door when they leave through the sanctuary door, or at the Hospitality Desk if exiting via the Community Room. Devices will be sanitized after each use.

12. Those serving on the worship team who are not fully vaccinated are to wear masks and maintain 6’ distancing from those not of their household. If vocalists can maintain 12’ distancing from others on the platform and the congregation, they do not have to wear masks during worship segments of the service. All others in attendance do. For those members who are fully vaccinated, masks are optional.

13. Those speaking from the pulpit who are not fully vaccinated are to wear a mask and maintain 6’ distancing from those not of their household while preaching. However, if the person speaking can maintain 12’ distancing from others on the platform and the congregation, he/she does not have to wear a mask while speaking. All others in attendance do. For those who are speaking from the pulpit who are fully vaccinated, masks are optional.


14. Physical contact is not encouraged (i.e., shaking hands, hugging, etc.). It is important to realize the virus still exists in the community and is spread primarily through close contact. Therefore, we feel it is best to refrain from physical contact during this time.

15.The Community Room will remain open following the close of Sunday Service for period of 30 minutes to allow people to visit and fellowship with one another. Tables and seating will be provided and will be spaced appropriately following 6’ distancing guidelines. For those who are fully vaccinated, the wearing of masks is optional. All others are expected to wear masks covering both the nose and mouth. No food or beverages will be served.

16.  For the best show of love for one another:

  • Do not assume others are comfortable with what you are comfortable (i.e., shaking hands, hugging, close-proximity, doffing masks, etc.). All in attendance must respect other attendees’ boundaries (physical and conscience).
  • If you are uncomfortable with something, in love, speak up. We cannot assume others “know” what makes us uncomfortable unless we tell them.
  • If someone does “speak up”, we need to respect their personal comfort level with the utmost love and grace, not thinking less of anyone.

17. Post service sanitation will consist of wiping down of all hard surfaces and equipment within the building to include: the sanctuary platform, sanctuary, Sight and Sound station, vestibule, Community Room and restrooms.



Small Groups and Meetings

Small Group gatherings and meetings may be held in the church building, with prior church council approval, providing they faithfully adhere to the protocols established for such meetings.

1.The leader of such gatherings/meetings is responsible to ensure that all mask, distancing and sanitation protocols are followed.

2.  Food and beverage service is permissible, however pot-luck style (dish to pass) is not.